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National Stuttering Association: Brooklyn Chapter

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Welcome to the Brooklyn Chapter of the NSA


We know that stuttering can be hard, and doing it on your own even harder. We firmly believe that when people who stutter come together to support and empower one another, great things happen. It is okay to stutter, even if you don’t believe us yet.  Come to one of our meetings or events. You might find yourself grateful to be a part of this vibrant community.

Monthly Meeting Recaps

March ’16

We had a vibrant meeting in Brooklyn last night. There were 20 stutterers (and 1 SLP student) in attendance, with five there for the first time (Welcome Ana, Kathryn, Mordechair, Paul, Yaakov!). Chris S kicked off the group by airing Oscar-winning short film...

Feb ’16

Chris S, one of our members, was kind and inspired enough to do a write up on what happened in Brooklyn on Monday. See below 🙂 We had a great meeting last night on a cold Monday, full of vibrant and sometimes challenging discussion.  In all, about ten people who...

September ’15

Hey PWS, Last night was cool. After listening to a really, really good StutterTalk podcast during my ride into Brooklyn, I arrived with a brain tingling over the complexities of this way we talk. The group was unique for a few reasons. There were only eight of us. We...
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