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Our Monthly Recaps

January ’16

Hey Brooklyn! Thirteen of us got together on Monday night in Brooklyn to talk stuttering. We had a two first timers in the room (welcome Chris & Madhu!). We started off with our opening words and then dove right into discussion. Identifying as Disabled in the... read more

August, ’16

About twenty people joined us last Monday evening for our August chapter meeting. We had several newcomers — it’s always great to have a different perspective in our discussion! Thank you to everyone who made it out for the first time. We know how big of a... read more

July, ’16

Nine of us got together in Brooklyn last Monday for our July chapter meeting. We had one first timer, who seemed to merge with the group seamlessly (Welcome, T!). More than half of us had just returned from the World Congress of People Who Stutter in Atlanta, where... read more

June, ’16

Last Monday, about fifteen of us met at the YWCA on a warm June evening, including two SLPs/SLP students and several newcomers to the Brooklyn group (welcome!). After the opening words, one member started us off by bringing up a recent episode of the podcast... read more

Conference Recap

The Past, Present & Future of Stuttering  We had a really wonderful conference on May 15th. Words won’t do it justice, but you can check out the beautiful photos (courtesy of Vladan) here and the full keynote address by Barry Yeoman here. Barry’s... read more

April, ’16

The weather is finally starting to behave truly like spring and, fittingly, we had a seasonally vibrant discussion on Monday night in Brooklyn. What was particularly interesting about this meeting, which roughly 15 people attended, including a few newcomers and a... read more

March ’16

We had a vibrant meeting in Brooklyn last night. There were 20 stutterers (and 1 SLP student) in attendance, with five there for the first time (Welcome Ana, Kathryn, Mordechair, Paul, Yaakov!). Chris S kicked off the group by airing Oscar-winning short film... read more

Feb ’16

Chris S, one of our members, was kind and inspired enough to do a write up on what happened in Brooklyn on Monday. See below 🙂 We had a great meeting last night on a cold Monday, full of vibrant and sometimes challenging discussion.  In all, about ten people who... read more

September ’15

Hey PWS, Last night was cool. After listening to a really, really good StutterTalk podcast during my ride into Brooklyn, I arrived with a brain tingling over the complexities of this way we talk. The group was unique for a few reasons. There were only eight of us. We... read more