We wrapped up our six-session summer Support Group for school-age kids who stutter and their parents on July 17th with a special field trip down to Ben & Jerry’s on Church Street (see leaders Claudia and Ben)!¬† Everyone in the “Stutter Stoppers” group (including parents)¬†practiced voluntary stuttering while ordering, and the staff were all excellent and patient listeners. The group made a flyer about how to be good listeners when speaking to people who stutter, which we shared with the staff before enjoying our treat!

The group had also had fun water fights with squirt guns and water balloons with pictures of peoples “stutters” on their shirts. The parents had a chance to meet separately and share their stories about being a parent of a child who stutters. We’re looking forward to continuing this group the second Thursday of every month from 4:15-5:15 at UVM.¬† See the contact us page and calendar for more details!

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