Yesterday the Dallas Chapter of the National Stuttering Association held it’s July Chat and Chew, and here’s a quick recap of what happened:

With 13 people in attendance, including several returning members and one new addition (Welcome, J.J!), we met at the Starbucks in West Village, and while there was not much chewing this time– there was plenty of chatting.

We talked about the conference, favorite workshops (“Stuttering and Hip-Hop”seemed to be a big favorite! Way to go, Marcus!), about baseball games and unfortunate citations parking our cars in the wrong spot, and about late night parties and lack of sleep. However, we always returned to the same topic and the essence remained: how grateful we are to be part of these amazing group of people– the magic and power that is the NSA.

With that, we said good-bye… but not for long, as we are having our monthly meeting TOMORROW.

Same day, same place, you know the drill. Bring a friend this time, we know you’ve been thinking about it!

See you there!

Dallas NSA