This Month’s Spotlight of the Month Honors Darren Hilliard!

Darren Elijah Hilliard was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to Houston, Texas after Hurricane Katrina caused his family to relocate there at the age of 12. Moving to Houston and attending public school for the first time proved to be a challenge but he persevered despite every obstacle he faced. After high school Darren moved to Dallas to attend Texas Woman’s University, where he is majoring in Psychology. When he graduates he has aspirations to be a School Psychologist and a Public Speaker. Darren has always enjoyed bowling, playing the piano, and is an avid lover of video games. He is also a big fan of comic book movies and TV shows, with Black Panther, Captain America, Flash, X-Men, Luke Cage and Supergirl being some of his favorites.

Darren has stuttered all of his life but it seemed to worsen when he began to attend public school. He had many speech therapists throughout his teenage years but he felt they were overall ineffective in helping to improve his stutter. Once he started college, Darren realized he needed help with his stutter and it was then when he found a new speech therapist that, among other things, advised him to go to the NSA. Darren has been going to NSA for a few years now, has met great new people and has had awesome experiences. The NSA has helped Darren have a new perspective on stuttering and has helped him to not just deal but also accept his stuttering.

Next time you see Darren challenge him on Call of Duty or Street Fighter 5!
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