J.P. was born in Beaumont, Texas and has three older sisters. He was named after his paternal grandfather, John Peter Morere, but has been known by his initials all his life. J.P.’s early life was in Beaumont, but when he was eight years old his father started getting transferred to job assignments in different cities around the globe and they lived a year in France, just outside of Paris, a year in London, England, a year in Melbourne, Australia and several years in Yardley, Pennsylvania, before finally relocating to Dallas in 1974. That was enough moving for J.P. and since moving out of his parents house he has lived in the same house in Garland since 1979.  

J.P. graduated from Lake Highlands High School in 1976. His sisters all completed various college degrees but J.P. only attended college a few years, studying Electrical Engineering at U.T. Arlington before moving on to other parts of life without completing his degree. His hobbies include computers, stereo systems, music, and building and flying radio controlled model aircraft. He is mostly technical, but with a bit of an artistic bent, and most of J.P.’s jobs have been related to his hobby and technical interests. He worked as a electronic tech at Texas Instruments, as a field engineer for Cray Research, as a P.C. tech, CAD librarian, and currently works for a Hobby Shop using CAD, laser cutters and 3D printers to design kits for radio controlled model airplanes. 

J.P. became aware of his stuttering in his 30’s, not sure of when it started, and was introduced to the NSA Dallas chapter about 2014 by Dale Sander. To him, stuttering is just a part of life and not an issue. He does not think that his stuttering has a significant impact on his life one way or the other and has not sought any therapy related to it– hanging out with his NSA friends is therapy enough. While it may not have a major impact on his life, he is happy that his stuttering has lead him to the NSA Dallas chapter and enjoys hanging out with our group and hopes to see you at Chat n’ Chews and maybe occasionally the regular meetings.  

Next time you see J.P. ask him to teach you how to fly!

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