Devon was born in Arlington, TX and raised in the small town of Argyle, TX, about an hour north of Dallas. After graduating from Texas Christian University, Devon lived in Cincinnati, OH and Boston, MA before returning to Dallas. Devon loves traveling, reading new books, and trying new sports– he is currently attempting to try golf, although he is still pretty rough in that department.

Devon has stuttered since an early age. Being told to “speak slower” and “speak more clearly” affected his confidence in his adolescent years, along with the anxiety that came with it, but things began to change when Devon was named a National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009 (from a lawn care business he started even though he has grass allergies). Devon began to understand that people respected him for who he was, and to not be so concerned about what people thought about his speaking ability. Devon’s confidence continued to grow and he became President of the entrepreneurs club at TCU, a TCU tour guide, and founded multiple ventures, speaking to crowds along the way.

In 2018, Devon realized his stutter was worsening again and sought professional help. It was through this process that he discovered the NSA Dallas chapter. Devon has met incredible people and is always inspired every time he goes to a meeting. Devon hopes to meet new people, foster strong relationships, and continue being a part of a community that makes a huge difference to everyone involved.

Next time you see Devon ask him about his recent travels around the world!

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