Board Members

Chapter Leaders

Co-Chapter Leaders:

Anna Wirth: Anna joined the NSA her Freshman year in hopes to better understand and support those who stutter.  She is currently one of the Co-Chapter Leaders of the ISU NSA chapter and is a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  The NSA has a powerful message and she hopes to bring more awareness and support to not only ISU’s campus, but also to the Bloomington/Normal community! Email:

Salwa Khan: Salwa is an undergraduate senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Children’s Studies. This will be Salwa’s fourth year involved with the NSA. Her goal is to promote awareness for stuttering on campus and to the surrounding communities. She strives to make the chapter an area of support for those who stutter and to create a supportive environment for those to speak comfortably. Email:


Elena Pivek: Elena is a senior studying Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Children’s Studies. This year, she is serving as the Treasurer for the ISU NSA chapter. Elena became interested in the NSA, as she wanted to raise awareness about stuttering in her surrounding communities. Working to become a future speech-language pathologist, she wanted to gain a better understanding of what support groups and foundations are put in place to help those who stutter. She is excited for this opportunity, and looks forward to working with all who come in contact with NSA! Email:


Katie McGrail: Katie is currently a sophomore Communications Sciences and Disorders major with a minor in Children’s Studies! She is happy to be one of the secretaries for the National Stuttering Association here at Illinois State University. She is excited to have the chance to lead and learn in this organization to learn more about those who stutter and to do all she can to help them always feel welcome and that they are never alone! Email:

Krystal Miranda: Krystal Miranda is an undergrad student and aspiring speech pathologist, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders at ISU. She joined Illinois State’s NSA chapter her sophomore year to gain a better understanding of what stuttering is and how it affects the lives of people who stutter. She holds the 2017-2018 Secretary position, aiding in NSA support groups. Krystal is passionate about promoting self-confidence and positivity, hoping to provide the ISU and Bloomington-Normal community with information, awareness, and support for those who stutter! Email:


Bella Korsgard: Bella is a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is the PR/marketing chair for the NSA. She joined the NSA after taking a stuttering course and realized her interest in learning more about stuttering. Through this position in NSA, she hopes to gain experience with stuttering and raise awareness. Email:


Theresa Kniepmann: Theresa is a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is the fundraising chair for NSA. After taking a class on stuttering, Theresa became eager to learn more and help spread awareness on campus. She looks forward to this year and what the NSA can accomplish! Email:

Social Media/Website Coordinators

Justyna Leja: Justyna is currently a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and is bilingual in Polish. She is a Co-Social Media/Website Coordinator. While struggling to balance communication between both languages, she joined NSA to gain knowledge about others and their similar difficulties. Eager to spread awareness around campus, she is excited to see what the year will bring. Email:

Brooke Ahrens: Brooke is a senior Communication Sciences and Disorders major.  Last semester Brooke took a stuttering course and decided to join NSA to learn more from individuals who stutter and her peers.  This year, she will be a Co-Social Media/Website Coordinator.  Brooke hopes to spread awareness for those who stutter and make herself a more understanding clinician in the future. Email:

Social Coordinators

Madelyn Thomas: Madelyn will be the Social Coordinator for 2017-2018 school year, her junior year. She hopes to help cultivate a dynamic and supportive community for people who stutter in the Bloomington-Normal area. Email:

Cossette Groisiller: Cosette is a senior undergraduate in Communication Sciences and Disorder at ISU and the Social Coordinator of the NSA ISU Chapter. She joined NSA in the spring of 2017 in the hopes to learn more about therapy and a support for people who stutter. Cosette is an international student from France and loves to meet new people to hear about various life experiences! Email: