Our Mission

There are 1.6 million people in Manhattan; so statistically speaking that’s enough people who stutter to pretty much fill up all of Madison Square Garden. But unfortunately not everyone out there knows about the National Stuttering Association and the great community we are building here. You’re one of the lucky ones for finding out about this great organization. And thanks to some recent media coverage, public perception seems to be slowly changing for the better with how stuttering is being viewed. It’s a good time to be alive. So if you’re thinking about attending a meeting, come join us so we can empower each other and have our voices be heard in more ways than one. And of course, everyone is welcome regardless of what borough or city you may live in. We hope to see you soon.

- NSA Manhattan Chapter Leaders

the Chapter Leaders

Chaya Goldstein I am a speech-language pathologist and a person who stutters. I am also an avid dancer, runner and hiker, and love reading books on topics such as human psychology and neurodiversity. I work at the American Institute for Stuttering providing individual and group therapy, and teach the Fluency Disorders course at Long Island University. I grew up as a covert stutterer and experienced much frustration hiding my stutter, despite attending fluency shaping therapy during my elementary and high school years. My frustration fueled my determination to uncover the mysteries of stuttering and I entered the field of speech pathology in my sophomore year of college. This led to one of the most transformative life experiences. It was at that time that I learned about the National Stuttering Association and joined the self help community. At the same time I interned at the American Institute for stuttering, and after witnessing the incredible transformation that took place, attended the program as a client myself. These experiences forever altered my relationship with my stutter. I went from experiencing shame and fear to accepting and embracing my stutter exactly as it is. It is my deepest desire to support those on their journey of self discovery and share in their struggles and triumphs. As co-leader of this chapter, I intend to create a safe place for those who stutter to come and share their personal challenges and successes, and to grow together in our journey of self acceptance and empowerment.

Spring Kwok, originally from Houston, Texas, currently lives in downtown Manhattan. She graduated from New York University in May 2016 with an Economics degree and is pursuing a career in the fashion business. She is a 1st generation Chinese American, and enjoys reading classics, knitting and crocheting, and astrology. She has been a covert stutterer for most of her life, and it was not until 2014 when she attended her first NSA chapter meeting that she began to seek acceptance with her stuttering. In 2015 she attended an intensive program at the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), and in 2016 she attended her first NSA Annual Conference. Although her acceptance journey has gained momentum and lost momentum in these few years, she has discovered unending empowerment and gratitude through connecting with individuals in the stuttering community.  She still deals with remnants of past shame every day, but it has been incredibly therapeutic for her to analyze stuttering in society and identify with mutual stuttering experiences. As a new co- leader of the Midtown chapter, she is committed to listening, learning, sharing, and growing more with everyone and with herself.

Stavros Ladeas I’m first-generation American from Greek parents and grew up in the nearby Poconos. I received my bachelor’s in psychology from Tulane University and put it to good use by coming back to managing my family’s restaurant for seven years and also getting involved in a couple other real estate ventures during this time. In the summer of 2011 I moved to Brooklyn where I dabbled in a few interests of mine – sustainable building and iPhone app development. More notably I spent some of this time travelling abroad with my brother and investing in myself. I started attending the NSA Brooklyn chapter meetings, and to put it simply, the strength I have received from this community has blown me away. I have gone from covert stutterer to stuttering openly, and during these last couple years I have stuttered my face off with family and friends who have known me as a fluent speaker for all of my life. If you’re not sure, this is a good thing for me. As co-leader of this NSA Midtown chapter, I’m continuing my journey and hopefully I will help others with theirs. As for my professional endeavors, I’m following my interests in technology and am pursuing a career in web/app development here in New York City. Here is my full story.