July Recap & Announcments

July Recap & Announcments

Thirty of us came out to our July meeting – 25 people who stutter, one committed SLP, and 4 awesome SLP students from Chaya’s class who came to observe. Chaya teaches the stuttering course at LIU by the way. And I hear she’s a pro at it. Also, a warm welcome to our good friend Eric Jackson who is back in NYC. Eric co-founded the NSA Brooklyn Chapter, and is a pioneer in the NYC stuttering community.

We started with intros, we then split into 3 smaller groups, and here is some of what we covered:

The phone can really suck at times, especially for interviews because you may be stripped away from the opportunity to make a positive impression with anything other than your speech. This lead the conversation to the benefits of advertising up front, during an interview, over the phone. Usually, people seem to respect you for it, as it builds a human connection. Not advertising during an interview may force you to continue to hide it. It might feel uncomfortable and even ‘unprofessional’ but many members expressed that the outcome is almost always a positive one.

Two stutterers on television: George Springer, a particularly good player on the Houston Astros, who was set up with a live mic while he was playing in the recent Major League Baseball All-Star game. He gave live commentary which was interesting, and stuttered openly. He has been open about stuttering and has received positive feedback both professionally and in the stuttering community about his stuttering. Also Jeff Zeleny, Senior White House Correspondent for CNN, who has discussed his stuttering in the public eye and stutters subtly while on air.

A few of us discussed that we felt that recently on the internet and in the media, we seem to be finding more examples of stuttering being spoken about as something negative, as an indication of dishonesty or stupidity. Some of us mentioned that we worry that people will think we’re stupid when we stutter.

We talked about whether we advertise or make jokes about stuttering at work. Does joking about stuttering, like advertising, help to put people at ease? Does it put us at ease? Someone questioned to what extent advertising really puts other people at ease, saying that he wouldn’t want other people to open up to him and disclose all their personal issues right away.

When people say, “Oh, I used to stutter, but now I don’t”, do those people really understand what stuttering is?

We talked about the high of advertising when first starting a job, and how we may be able to maintain these positive vibes. But what do we do when some of this novelty wears off? This lead to a conversation on why we advertise, and a couple members expressed that the goal for them was simply to better connect with your listener, nothing more nothing less.

Many of us went out for a drink, per usual, at our nearby hang out bar, Juniper. Come join us next time around if you weren’t able to be there. And now, three quick…


Mock Interview Event at Goldman Sachs
We are excited to tell you about the upcoming mock interview event at Goldman Sachs which some of you have heard a little about. George Daquila, a passionate member of the New York City stuttering community, works at Goldman Sachs and is leading their initiative to hire more stutterers. Event is on Friday, August 11, 1:00pm–5:30pm, and you can click here for more details

Yankee Game
Get your tickets today and join us as we take Stuttering out to the Yankee Game. On Sunday, August 13th at 8:05 pm. An email will be sent out shortly about tailgating for this event. See you then! – Nina

August meetings
Brooklyn and Manhattan meetings are at their regular meeting times this month. Click here for more info for Brooklyn meeting. They’re a good group. One of the best, actually. We love them. Every one of them.

April meeting reminder (actually on May 1st)

April meeting reminder (actually on May 1st)

A reminder that we’ll be meeting this upcoming Monday. Please note the changes in time, location, and check-in procedure for this meeting:

• Monday, May 1st
• 8pm–9:30pm
• 520 Eighth Avenue, between 36th and 37th Streets

Please arrive at 7:45pm if possible. There may be a short line to get past security. At the security desk, say you are going to A.R.T./New York on the 3rd floor. (This is the Alliance of Resident Theatres.) For security purposes, you will need to present a photo ID and have your picture taken. Take the left side elevators to get to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, follow the signs to Studio B.

Three Rooms
Our new location will have three large rooms, which means we’ll be splitting up into three smaller groups to give everyone the opportunity to speak if they would like to.

Going Forward
Our May meeting will be later in the month, most likely on May 22nd. More details soon. And we expect to return to our normal third-Monday-of-the-month schedule in June.

NYC Stutters Conference Tickets
On Sunday, May 28th, the NYC Chapters of the National Stuttering Association will hold our second annual conference by and for people who stutter! If you haven’t bought your ticket, please go ahead and do so now to ensure you get a spot. You can learn more about the Conference and buy your ticket here.

Stay dry until then!

March Recap | Important Announcements

March Recap | Important Announcements

Pesach Sameach to all of our Jewish members!

This email is more of an announcement email than a recap one. But first, we wanted to thank everyone who joined us a couple weeks ago for our Manhattan meeting. We had 33 people in attendance, we split up into 2 groups, and had some great conversations. Important note, our next meeting will be on the 4th Monday of the week, not on our 3rd usual Monday. More on that in a minute. But first…

NYC Stutters
On Sunday, May 28th, the NYC Chapters of the NSA will hold our second annual conference by and for people who stutter.
Last year we gathered over 60 people who stutter to explore the “Past, Present & Future of Stuttering” via workshops like the history of stuttering and the accomplishments of the disability rights movement. This year, we plan to bring 100 people together for an introspective day of “Reflection, Connection and Growth”.
The day will consist of 3-4 core workshops exploring topics like stuttering without apology, the vulnerability of stuttering, and how to advocate for oneself. The workshops will be facilitated by people who stutter, including NSA chapter leaders, people who research and write about stuttering, long-time self-help activists, and relative newcomers to the community.
Click here to find out more and to buy your ticket asap.

Brooklyn Meeting….tonight
Brooklyn meeting will be on the usual time, 2nd Monday of the month, so that’s this evening, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

NSA Manhattan Meeting and Venue
Our next meeting, like mentioned above, will be on the 4th Monday of the month (not our usual 3rd Monday), due to Passover and Easter. During the last couple months, during our free time, we have been reaching out to dozens of venues across the Midtown area. We have visited several of these places, and are continuing to narrow down our search on what we believe is the best for our group – based on cost, location and the size of the rooms.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for staying patient with us as we finalize this process, and we promise you that you will all be happy with our final venue selection very soon.

Your voice
On that note, one of the most important things we can do as a Chapter, is to provide a safe space for our attendees, especially our newcomers, not only to feel comfortable speaking, but to also ensure each person has the opportunity to speak. As we have continued to grow during this last year, we usually split up into 3 groups during meetings. Given the large turnout of participants during our last meeting, this, unfortunately, was not possible. And we sincerely apologize to everyone who did not have the opportunity to speak. We want you to know that we are committed in finding the right venue for our upcoming meetings, and we thank you for your patience during this process.

We hope you to see you all soon, and you can expect to hear from us by the end of the week for our April location, for our meeting that will be on the 4th Monday. Also, make sure you are following us on Facebook.

End of Summer Outing

End of Summer Outing

Hello NSA Midtown members,
We’d like to invite you all to our end of summer outing this upcoming Sunday afternoon (2pm-5pm) at Studio Square NYC, in Astoria, a quick 15min trip from Midtown Manhattan, and a not too bad of a trek for our Brooklyn crew.
With the continued pleasant weather coming up and the high interest expressed for an outing, we’re expecting a really nice turnout. Come join us for a beer or two, and some pub grub.
Here is the description from the Beer Garden’s website.
The Garden brings the spirit of an open-air, Bavarian beer garden into the modern era. Over 19,000 square feet of outdoor space with long communal picnic tables, river birch trees, ivy covered walls and cobblestone blocks create a green oasis amid the ever more sterile urban landscape.  Add in delicious food offerings from the Garden Cafe, an assortment of craft and major market beers, our Signature Sangria and six full bar stations…..
Check out their yelp page here.
WHERE: 35-33 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106
WHEN: Sunday, September 11th, 2pm to 5pm
August Meeting Reminder

August Meeting Reminder

A little reminder that we are meeting up at our usual time and place this upcoming Monday. We’ll talk about stuttering related stuff, and how good the new HBO series ‘The Night Of’ is, and why it’s okay to binge watch shows…and other things that come up. Stay cool and hydrated everyone!

When: This Monday @ 7:30pm
Where: Aspire, 248 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001