May 22nd Meeting Reminder

Time for another meeting – come join us this upcoming Monday night to talk about all things stuttering!


DATE: Monday, May 22nd
TIME: 7:30–9pm
LOCATION: 520 Eighth Avenue, between 36th and 37th Streets


Please arrive a little early is possible. There may be a short line to get past security. At the security desk, say you are going to A.R.T./New York on the 3rd floor. (This is the Alliance of Resident Theatres.) For security purposes, you will need to present a photo ID and have your picture taken. Take the left side elevators to get to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, follow the signs to Studio B.



NYC Stutters Conference Tickets
On Sunday, May 28th, the NYC Chapters of the National Stuttering Association will hold our second annual conference by and for people who stutter! If you haven’t bought your ticket, please go ahead and do so now to ensure you get a spot. You can learn more about the Conference and buy your ticket here.

“April” Meeting Recap | Upcoming NYC Stuttering Conference

“April” Meeting Recap | Upcoming NYC Stuttering Conference


On Monday May 1st, our Manhattan chapter met for our long awaited “April” meeting. We had 21 people show up, all of whom were people who stutter, including two first timers (welcome Daniel and Mark!). After getting settled with opening words and brief introductions, we split up into 3 smaller groups for intimate discussions.

Within each group, we talked about similar topics of shame and avoidance. One of the groups touched on how the amount of shame we feel might not be necessarily correlated to how much we’re stuttering. It can also be dependent on our surroundings and how we are treated. In another group, members opened up about avoidance behaviors and destructive thoughts following shame. Wherever we are in our journey, most of us agreed that the vulnerability and affinity we share and experience in these meetings is something special.

Thank you to everyone who came and we can’t wait to see you all again!


NYC Stutters Conference:

The NYC chapters of the National Stuttering Association are holding our 2nd annual stuttering conference! This is a conference for people who stutter by people who stutter. It will be on Sunday, May 28th, and we would love for you to join us!

This will be an introspective day for all people who stutter from all walks of life to reflect, connect, and grow with stuttering, with oneself, and with one another. There will be interactive workshops, with free lunch and lots of time to socialize. So if you haven’t already, tickets are available here on Eventbrite! You can also go to our conference website for more detail. (Please let us know if you are hesitant to come because of cost – we want to accommodate everyone, so feel free to reach out to if so.)

Another reason to attend.. The organization SAY, the Stuttering Association for the Young, is offering anyone going to the NYC Stutters conference a free ticket to their gala performance on Monday, May 22. Here’s all the info from SAY. A few of us have worked with them in the past and they’re doing awesome things with kids who stutter.

• For 15 years now, SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young has held an annual gala fundraiser to celebrate children who stutter and the adults that inspire them. This year, SAY has partnered with us at NYC Stutters to offer complimentary gala performance tickets to our participants!
• So, if you are attending our conference, you can also attend the SAY Gala performance for free on Monday, May 22. Click here to learn more about the gala, which will include celebrity guests and musical performances. To obtain tickets to the SAY Gala, be sure to RSVP by emailing Ryan ( before May 16


Next Meeting:

Date – Monday, May 22 (Same day as SAY gala)

Time – 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Address – 520 Eighth Avenue, between 36th and 37th Streets

Instructions – Please arrive at 7:15pm if possible. There may be a short line to get past security. At the security desk, say you are going to A.R.T./New York on the 3rd floor. (This is the Alliance of Resident Theatres.) For security purposes, you will need to present a photo ID and have your picture taken. Take the left side elevators to get to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, follow the signs to Studio B.

November Meeting Reminder

November Meeting Reminder

A reminder that we have our usual monthly Midtown meeting this upcoming Monday November 21st. We are so looking forward to this night of support and synergy.

When: This Monday November 21st 7:30pm-9pm
Where: Aspire, 248 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001

Hope to see you there!!!

-Midtown co-leaders

Additional Meeting This November!

Additional Meeting This November!

Calling all SLP and Students!!!

In case you haven’t heard.. we’re having TWO meetings this month! (As if you guys haven’t had enough of us already..)

Because a lot of SLP students have recently been expressing interest in our support groups, we will be hosting an additional meeting this upcoming Monday November 7th with the intent to help familiarize SLP’s, SLP students, and others with our support group’s mission.

Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend! Just like our regular meetings, we will be meeting from 7:30- 9:00 pm at Aspire Center for Health and Wellness at 248 West 35th Street.

Don’t worry though; we will still be having our regular November meeting on Monday November 21st at our same time and same location!

So repeat after me: November. Two Meetings.

  1. First Meeting- Monday November 7th
  2. Second Meeting- Monday November 21st

We hope to see you all there!!

October Recap

October Recap

On Monday October 17th, we had a wonderful Midtown NSA meeting. The 25 total people who showed up consisted of 21 people who stutter (PWS) and 4 speech language pathology (SLP) students. After the meeting (as per usual), a bunch of us went to the bar across the street and decompressed with continued conversations and of course the optional drink. Before we head into the recap, a huge thank you to all those who came back and warmest welcomes to all our first timers!

In our first group, one member brought up an upcoming interview for a job he really wants and questioned the usefulness of advertising. Does disclosing stuttering make you a more attractive candidate or a less attractive candidate? For a lot of us, it’s hard to gauge whether advertising “works” or not. The simpler question may be: how does advertising make us feel? If advertising can make us feel the slightest more comfortable with our speech, then maybe it is worth it. After all, the experiences of stuttering can be very difficult and draining. Summarized by another member: you want to communicate one thing, but then you get lost in a maze of word switching and avoidances. The other person exhibits discomfort. It can be subtle, but it’s there. You stutter. Your mind goes blank, and before you know it, what you’ve actually said is completely different from what you had meant to say in the first place. We know this feeling all too well.

Our second group talked a lot about the different kinds of pressures we face. For when you make a phone call, there’s time pressure to be quick and efficient. When you have a job, there’s pressure to maintain it and excel at it. And as people who stutter, a huge pressure we face is to be just like everyone else: fluent. One member recalled the stress she experienced when she first got promoted earlier this year. She talked about the pressure she felt to perform and speak fluently and the negative impact it had on her quality of life. Another member spoke about the sleepless, paranoid nights he spent reviewing and analyzing every assignment to prove his competency at a previous job. Although everyone faces different pressures in their lives, it became a consensus among the group that we owe ourselves a certain amount of sanity and self- compassion.

Our third group talked a lot about the sometimes-contentious topic within our community, of speech therapy. One member remembered speech therapy sessions while growing up, which attempted to make them fluent, specifically by being instructed to slow down, take a deep breathe, and to start over again. In this kind of speech therapy, fluency is rewarded and stuttering is shamed. Many of us know this is a sure recipe for promoting destructive communication behaviors. For many of us growing up however, this is what speech therapy looked like. Today, at least in many cases, speech therapy has been greatly improved, and often the exact opposite, by providing a structured environment where a client is guided in allowing themselves to stutter in a focused and forward moving way.



International Stuttering Awareness Day

We are having an event to raise stuttering awareness and pride in Central Park this Sunday, October 23rd from 11AM – 4PM. We will be by the Columbus Circle Entrance in the southwest corner of the park. Check out our Facebook event here. We will have a table with informational handouts, food & drink and personalized material to help the general public understand not just the generic facts about stuttering — but about our day to day experience. (We welcome any donations of baked goods to attract people to come to our table!!)

SLP student Informational Group: November 7th

We have had a larger than average interest from SLP students in wanting to attend our monthly support groups. Since it is very important for our group to maintain the appropriate atmosphere during meetings, we often have to limit the number of SLPs and SLP students that join us. But in November we’ll be having an extra meeting for any members interested in some sort of combo between a support group and a panel to educate SLP students. Stay tuned for more details.

Brooklyn group: The next Brooklyn chapter meeting will be Monday October 10th. Check out their site here for all info.

Getting involved: We’re always looking for new ways to continue to strengthen our growing stuttering community. Shoot us an email: with any ideas