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April Meeting Recap, and the May NYC Conference (details below)!

Thank you to everyone in attendance for our first meeting of the spring. On April 11th we had 7 people join our group for what was a lively discussion. We kicked off the meeting with introductions where we welcomed 2 new members to the NSA family. To start, a volunteer read the opening words and we opened the floor for discussion.

The first topic of the night was about stuttering in dating and relationships. One of our new members expressed his concerns with beginning the courting process. He was particularly concerned about how the person he is interested in would perceive his stuttering. A couple of members offered the advice that if someone is not willing to look past your stuttering, then they are probably not the right person for you. We all agreed that even having the courage to ask a person on a date is a positive interaction that one should be proud of.

We then talked about the positive impacts of being open about stuttering in our relationships. When looking to start a relationship, being open and authentic about your stuttering can be attractive to people and cause them to be open and authentic as well. A couple of our members who have been in long-term relationships found that their partners became their biggest stuttering allies and this only helped to strengthen their relationships.

The conversation then shifted to stuttering awareness and how that can benefit future generations. A couple of members recounted some negative stuttering experiences they have had with people, which could have been avoided if people were more educated about stuttering. Although we often give people the benefit of the doubt, we also realize that some people are not willing to accept information about stuttering even when we offer it to them. Regardless, we all recognized the value in spreading awareness about stuttering and hope to continue making life easier for younger generations.

New York Is Holding Its Second Annual Stuttering Conference!
Some exciting news: The New York City chapters of the National Stuttering Association are holding a one-day conference on Sunday, May 28. Last year, 60 of us gathered to talk about stuttering and its effect on our lives, and this year we have room for 100 attendees!

This conference is all about community, so we’d love to see all of you there — it’ll be a little bit like a chapter meeting, but with more structure, more time to interact, and workshops about the things that are important to us. Hope to hear what you have to say!

Grab your tickets here, and please let us know if you’re hesitant to come because of the cost — we want to accommodate everyone, so feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions about that.

Happy spring!

—Darren, Roisin, Chris, Bilal, and Emma