We were four people at this meeting.  Lou Madonna came after many months being absent.  We talked about the goals that people had set at the last meeting and how they were doing with them.

Mitch told us about his incredible experience at the White House.  One of his extended relatives was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor for service during World War I.  There was a reception at the White House and another at the Pentagon.  He met a lot of relatives he had not met before and his stuttering was more pronounced than normal but he was OK with it.  Some kids saw it as being weird others were fine with it.  Mitch compared the experience as being at an NSA Conference where you don’t know that many people but you feed the bond that ties you together with them.

Lou shared a lot about his current interests and how stuttering is not front and center anymore in his life.  He doesn’t know if it has to with aging or the fact that his other activities have his focus now and he doesn’t care about stuttering anymore. He is coming to terms with himself and he is in a good place now.  He attributes some of it to a lifetime of absorbing different things, therapies, support from meetings, etc., all of which have had a cumulative effect and are now transpiring into increased fluency.

We all took turns at speaking from the lectern about a random topic chosen by the others.

We also went over the new meeting location at La Salle University.  Meetings will start on June 16 and will take place every third Tuesday.  See upcoming announcement and don’t forget to check the schedule on the Events page.