Chapter Meeting – Sep 19, 2017

Five people attended this meeting, all regulars.

We went over the 2019 conference proposal and I’ll be making a few changes. Mitch told us he has been honored to be the Key Note speaker at next year’s ISA/IFA conference in Japan. Congratulations, Mitch!

We talked about the difficulties we have when participating in a group conversation. It is hard to find the opportunity to interject and take our turn. We have to interrupt or be aggressive. People don’t understand that people who stutter have a harder time getting started. Sometimes the topic changes by the time you get your change and by then it is too late. It would be nice if adult conversations could be carried like they were in school, just raise a hand and you’ll get your turn.

Chapter Meeting – Sep 7, 2017

Only another person and I attended this meeting. We talked about summer activities and challenges at work and how the affect or stuttering. Answering phones is always hard for us and we talked about different ways to approach a phone conversation.