Chapter Meeting – Oct 17, 2017

There were 6 people at this meeting. One of our new members is moving out of town and we gave her our best wishes in her new city. We put her in touch with the NSA chapter in that area and she will be joining them after she arrives.

It was a lively meeting with a lot of interesting topics

Chapter Meeting – Oct 5, 2017

We were three people at this meeting. We shared several experiences about our stuttering. One of us is feeling better in the sense that the blocks are getting easier to overcome and being more comfortable when they occur.

One of us shared the following: A person laughed at him after having difficulties saying his name. He asked what’s wrong and the person said, “it seems that is hard for you saying your name”, to which he replied, “It was. I stutter”. He didn’t want to be laughed at and he didn’t say it to be controversial either. He just wanted to speak up and leave the matter finished. How would you have reacted if this had happened to you?

We also talked about being shy and how it perceived by people. Are you shy if you speak slowly, are measured or are less bubbly? Is that a measure of shyness? One can be reserved on what we say and how we say it and still be very social at the same time. We know people that are very outgoing and still would not go to a party where they don’t know anyone. Would you? Are shyness and stuttering inter-related at all? Whenever you don’t feel like talking, is it because of shyness? Is it because you are worried about stuttering?