Chapter Meeting – Feb 1, 2018

We were 5 people at this meeting, including two graduate students from La Salle.

One of us brought up a recent experience with self-disclosure in the workplace and we all had something to say about our own. We agreed that self-disclosure is helpful for both the listener and the person disclosing. It is interesting that for some, the main goal is to put the listener at ease whereas for others it is to help themselves. The person that discloses gains more control and power over the situation. It makes communication easier and, indirectly, helps with fluency. Although some times it feels that we are stating the obvious, there is value in recognizing the elephant in the room.

We also talked about the concept of “stuttering well”.Those are two words we never thought belonged together but there is such a thing as stuttering well. It means that although you might stutter, you can skip the feelings of embarrassment. Give yourself a pass and let it happen. Hold eye contact, stutter if you must, and move on. Don’t bring yourself down and stutter with confidence.

Question for all: What you do post in Facebook regarding stuttering? Do you not post anything about it so people don’t judge by it?