Chapter Meeting – June 16, 2020

We continue with our virtual Zoom meetings and it is still not clear when we will be able to resume in person meetings. But everyone has been enjoying the virtual calls. We are seeing chapter members that have not been able to join us in a long time due to the distance or schedule conflicsts.

We took a poll on whether coffee affects our stuttering and the results were mixed. It does to some of us and it doesn’t to others.

We also talked about whether we introduce ourselves and say our name when we make a phone call. I always say it at the beginning but other don’t to say their name if they don’t have to.

We talked about the recent NSA Lounge meetings on Friday nights. They have been a lot of fun. We played online games, karaoke, or just chill in a chat room and make friends with other NSAers from around the country. Going forward, the NSA Lounge will be held the last Friday of the month. Stay tuned for the schedule and the link!