About Us

​As a chapter of the National Stuttering Association, the largest support group in the United States for people who stutter, we are part of a tremendous organization.
    The NSA was formed in 1977 and is comprised of about 100 local chapters around the country. Through local chapter meetings, regional workshops, and national conferences, the NSA brings hope and empowerment to children and adults who stutter. It also serves as an advocate for the stuttering community, working to raise public awareness of this misunderstood condition.
    The NSA Austin Chapter was re-launched in the spring of 2009. Both our adult, teen, and youth chapters provide a safe and supportive place for people who stutter to practice their speech, to meet and befriend others who intimately understand the challenges of this complex disorder, and to gain new personal and communication skills.
    We also welcome family members and friends of people who stutter, speech-language pathologists, and anyone interested in stuttering to attend our meetings and activities.​

Jonathan McNutt has been serving as the NSA Austin chapter co-leader since January 2015. He is currently studying to become a therapist at Texas State. In his spare time he enjoys meditation and player the guitar.

Rahul Ramaswami has been serving as the NSA Austin chapter co-leader since June 2015. He moved to Austin in May 2015 and took up the role during his first meeting! He currently works as a hardware engineer at AMD. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games and bocce ball.