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Welcome to the NSA Bronx Site

Our visitors and members are people who stutter who come together to relax and share experiences about all things related to stuttering. As a chapter of the NSA, we feel one of the best ways to help ourselves is to support one another. This is a very special place for anyone who stutters, regardless of where you are on your journey, to come be part of a very safe and non-judgmental environment. If you are a person who stutters or someone who has an interest in stuttering, we invite you to join us.

The Bronx is home to 1.4 million people with an estimated 14,000 people who stutter.  If you are from the Bronx, the surrounding area or just visiting, we invite you to come to our meeting. Once a month we provide encouragement and strive to inspire each other through mutual understanding and shared experiences. .Our mission is to provide a comfortable and secure place for those who stutter to be able to express daily thoughts and feelings with those who care.