Our Meeting Recaps

Holiday Party!

Wishing everyone in our “stamily” a warm and restful holiday!

We capped off the year with a holiday bash with all of our support groups – 30 happy folks from Team Stuttering!

Six of us then went downtown and caught the Drew Lynch comedy show. All-in-all a wonderful wrap up to another awesome year!

Hugs from all of us, and go team!

NSA Stuttering Conference Fundraiser!

Please share!

Our Vermont NSA Chapter is trying to raise $5000 before Dec 1st to send local families to the AMAZING National Stuttering Association conference in Ft. Lauderdale!

If we raise that amount (or more!), Sam, Sara and Danra will dye our hair fun colors (blue, purple, pink or rainbow)!

Please help us reach out to people outside the stuttering community to spread awareness that stuttering rocks!

Go Team Stuttering!

Donate here: http://go.uvm.edu/givecsd

Here’s more info about the conference and the NSA: