National Stuttering Association: Palm Beach TWST Chapter

Welcome to the Palm Beach’s NSA-TWST Chapter

We are a support group for teens who stutter. We meet once a month to just relax, be teens and talk about all things stuttering-related. Sometimes we simply talk about the stuff that is important to us. But we know that in this meeting, everyone understands stuttering and so there is freedom to talk…period. We are a chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA), so you and your family can know that there are specific meeting guidelines and criteria that have been met in order to become a “chapter”. Our meetings are a very safe and judgment-free zone for all teens who stutter.

Our Monthly Recaps

News for 2017

Hello friends!  We have been actively meeting each month – visit our Facebook Page to learn more!  Palm Beach TWST! If you have trouble accessing this site, email me at and I will send you a link.

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June Recap

The Palm Beach Chapter of NSA TWST met on the 2nd Wednesday - this month only!!  Back to the first Wednesday next month. We had one teen and two college students at our meeting.  Our teen is a rising senior - so he had an opportunity to learn that there IS life after...

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May Recap

The Palm Beach Chapter of NSA TWST met on the first Wednesday of the month.  A total of 5 teens attended.  The theme for our meeting was the challenges of exams for any and all high school student.  Also, the teens discussed prom (to go or not to go); AP classes (to...

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