We had both groups in one day because of a schedule change – 13 people total!

Check out the delicious cookies folks decorated, with pictures of stutters, hippos, and other yummy ideas!

One mentor drew a hydrogen bond because he said his stuttering brings a stronger connection to his friends, a member drew a “no” sign to signal when to know when to take it easy and not push yourself too hard, and a mom drew a star to say how proud she was of all the hard work her son has done on his speech for years and years.

Here are some other thoughts from the group:

  • Stuttering makes me unique
  • There are good and bad sides to having a stutter
  • Stuttering can make me feel happy or sad
  • It is important to not avoid stuttering
  • Sometimes stuttering makes me panic
  • Spending time with friends who stutter has made me more patient because it is worth waiting for what someone has to say
  • Stuttering has made me a better listener
  • Stuttering has allowed me to become more patient
  • Stuttering has allowed me to better understand others (i.e., identifying bullies vs. friends)
  • Stuttering has made me more empathetic
  • Stuttering has allowed me to make stronger connections with others, especially those who stutter

Great session and see you on April 9th for (hopefully) a water balloon fight!