Hello!You are receiving this email at 12:01am of January 1st, 2020…. Isn’t that crazy?! We are officially in the future!! We made it!

Twenty twenty (looks weird isn’t it?) is going to be incredible! We still don’t have light sabers or flying cars, but I have no doubt that it’s going to be a year full of great adventures. Especially for us, people who stutter in Dallas and surrounding areas. 

How do we know that? Because all one has to do is look at what we, the Dallas Chapter of the National Stuttering Association, did in 2019! Let’s take a look:

In 2019, we…  
Started the year eating Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on our first Chat n Chew of the year.
In January we also spoke in front of a group of 30 Speech Pathology students at Texas Woman’s University in Denton.That panel was just the beginning of a year FULL of speaking panels all over DFW. In total we spoke to more than 300 students at 4 different universities! Our best year ever.
In April we celebrated the 37th Anniversary of the Dallas Chapter! In celebratory fashion, our meeting was lead by Lee Reeves, a person who 37 years ago decided that this city needed a support group for people who stutter, founded our chapter, and forever changed the stuttering community.
In July the National Stuttering Association held it’s 36th Annual Conference in the beautiful city of Ft. Lauderdale! It is the biggest event for people who stutter in the world and a weekend full of friendships, adventures and inspiration!
You can read a full recap HERE.
In 2019, our meetings were attended by more than 150 people who stutter. Some of them attending our chapter for decades, some of them walking into our meetings for the first time –you might have been one of them!– only to discover the amazing stuttering community that we have in Dallas. You are truly never alone!
… And that’s how we know 2020 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year for us, we have the most amazing, loving, inspiring community. Thank you for being part of it!

Keep an eye for our first event of the year, a delicious Chat n’ Chew in which we might or might not eat waffles, and don’t forget our first meeting of the year on January 28th.

May all your dreams and goals become a reality and have a fantastic year!!

Dallas NSA