Spotlight of the month

March: Darren Hilliard

This Month's Spotlight of the Month Honors Darren Hilliard! Darren Elijah Hilliard was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to Houston, Texas after Hurricane Katrina caused his family to relocate there at the age of 12. Moving to Houston and attending...

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February: Brandon Crowell

This Month's Spotlight Honors Brandon Crowell! Brandon was born and raised in the Dallas area. In fact most of his extended family still lives in the area, which makes holidays a spectacle. Some of his earliest memories include gathering with 50+ relatives for...

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January: Faisal Ahmed

This Month's Spotlight of the Month Honors Faisal "Fez" Ahmed! Faisal (Fez) was born and raised in the little city of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Tired of rural life and not knowing his roots, Fez moved to Karachi, Pakistan for 9th grade and completed high school...

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October: Ashley Dodd

This Month’s Spotlight Honors Ashley Dodd! Ashley is a 30 year old born in Dallas, TX. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, volunteering in church activities, singing, writing both poetry and short stories, and of course spending time with family and friends. A funny...

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August: JJ White

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors JJ White! JJ White was born in sunny San Diego, California but can’t call himself a Californian since he only lived there until he was 3 years old. JJ’s a Texan at heart, growing up in Austin, Texas and spending the next 10...

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July: Jeff Goodman

This month's Spotlight of the Month honors Jeff Goodman! Jeff is a native Dallasite who now lives a few miles from where he grew up. He went to college in Austin (Hook 'em Horns!), and enjoyed it so much the first time around that he went back for more, getting an MBA...

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June: Brian Baker

  This month's Spotlight of the Month is Brian Baker! Brian was born and raised outside of Santa Barbara, California and moved to rural west Texas for high school and college. He eventually moved back to California where he attained an MBA at The California Coast...

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May: Kate Cosway

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Kate Cosway! Katryn “Kate” Cosway is a 29 year old scientist from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. She was born five months prematurely and weighed just over 1 pound, but showing some resilience and miraculously surviving the...

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April: Prasanth Bathae

This month's Spotlight of the Month honors Prasanth Bathae!   Prasanth is a 35 year old Engineer-Programmer-Analyst born in the Southern Indian City of Madurai. During his childhood days, he was very shy and as a result, focused more on reading books and getting...

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March: Nina Reeves

This Month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Nina Reeves!   Nina Reeves is a veteran human who was born and raised in Illinois. She knew she wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist at the age of 9, and has been living that dream for over 30 years. When she isn’t...

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