Spotlight of the month

September: Jeff Kote

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Jeff Kote! Jeffery Craig Kote was born in Dallas and grew up in Mesquite, Texas. He is 38 years old and now lives in Gainesville on an acre lot with his 3 dogs: Ace, Rex and Daisy. He graduated from Texas A&M... read more

August: Sarah Stevenson

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Sarah Stevenson! Sarah was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and began stuttering at the age of 2. She is currently in graduate school at Texas Woman’s University earning her Master’s degree in... read more

July: Andrew Richards

This Month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Andrew Richards! Andrew has stuttered since he was around 2 years old, with his father and his late older brother stuttering also. He was born in Dallas Texas, and raised in surrounding areas such as Grand Prairie,... read more

June: Russ Hicks

Russ Hicks! Russ has stuttered his whole life.  He was born in Muskegon, Michigan, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  He moved to Columbus, Indiana, when he was eight years old and eventually married Stachia, the little sister of his best friend in Boy Scouts.  He got... read more

May: Eric Maye

This month’s Spotlight honors Eric Maye! Eric was born on March 7, 1977 in Los Angeles, California.  As a child, he enjoyed spending time with family, riding dirt bikes, traveling, playing video games, writing poetry and short stories, and collecting comic book... read more

April: Star Samarripas

This month’s Spotlight honors Star Samarripas! Star is a 17 year old Texas native born in Fort Worth! Yeee-haw! Her hobbies include jogging, earning good grades, and watching television. Her friends call her “smart, funny, and the friendliest person... read more

March: Daron Bolat

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Daron Bolat! Daron grew up in Rockville, Maryland (just outside of Washington, DC). He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Daron later graduated from seminary and... read more

February: Tricia Krauss-Lehrman

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Tricia Krauss-Lehrman: Speech-Language Pathologist Edition! Tricia was born and raised in Fort Worth. She left Texas after high school, intending to never return. After getting her BA in Psychology from Washington... read more

January: Wyatt McReynolds

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Wyatt McReynolds! Wyatt is a 21 years old (soon to be 22 in March!) person who stutters who was born in the oldest town in Texas- Nacogdoches, before finally settling in Dallas. Wyatt loves hanging out with friends,... read more

December: Andrew Bowers

This month’s Spotlight of the Month honors Andrew Bowers! Andrew is a 33-year-old who stutters. He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, migrated across the U.S. during his early childhood and finally landed in McKinney, Texas his sophomore year in high school.... read more