Spotlight of the month

January: José R. Ralat

January's Spotlight of the Month Honors José R- Ralat! José R. Ralat, 43, is Texas Monthly’s taco editor and has been writing about tacos and Mexican food for a decade. He began writing about tacos for the Dallas Observer’s food blog and went on to establish his own...

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October: Bryan Figueroa

October's Spotlight of the Month Honors Bryan Figueroa! Bryan is a 23-year-old young man, born in Dallas, but raised in Garland, TX, for almost his whole life. He is the eldest of his siblings. Bryan loves to work with computers, is an...

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September: Bernie Weiner

September's Spotlight of the Month Honors Bernie Weiner! Bernie grew up in Detroit and surrounding suburbs. He currently lives in the suburb of Troy, Michigan with his wife of 47 years, Harriet, who has been his rock through good and bad times. Bernie...

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August: Devon Zielinski

Devon was born in Arlington, TX and raised in the small town of Argyle, TX, about an hour north of Dallas. After graduating from Texas Christian University, Devon lived in Cincinnati, OH and Boston, MA before returning to Dallas. Devon loves traveling, reading new...

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July: J.P. Morere

J.P. was born in Beaumont, Texas and has three older sisters. He was named after his paternal grandfather, John Peter Morere, but has been known by his initials all his life. J.P.'s early life was in Beaumont, but when he was eight years old his father...

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June: Malcolm Elliot

Malcolm is a 58 year old born in Germany into a military family. One of five children, he is the youngest of four boys, but he is not the youngest, his twin sister is. Malcolm began stuttering as a young teen and was sent to the school speech...

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May: Scott Weatherholt

Scott Weatherholt was born and raised in Monroe, Mi. about 30 minutes south of Detroit. Living there for 36 years and getting tired of the endless shoveling of snow, Scott and his family decided to take the plunge and venture down to Dallas, Texas in the...

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March: Darren Hilliard

This Month's Spotlight of the Month Honors Darren Hilliard! Darren Elijah Hilliard was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to Houston, Texas after Hurricane Katrina caused his family to relocate there at the age of 12. Moving to Houston and attending...

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February: Brandon Crowell

This Month's Spotlight Honors Brandon Crowell! Brandon was born and raised in the Dallas area. In fact most of his extended family still lives in the area, which makes holidays a spectacle. Some of his earliest memories include gathering with 50+ relatives for...

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January: Faisal Ahmed

This Month's Spotlight of the Month Honors Faisal "Fez" Ahmed! Faisal (Fez) was born and raised in the little city of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Tired of rural life and not knowing his roots, Fez moved to Karachi, Pakistan for 9th grade and completed high school...

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