Last week our chapter had a fun and busy week, with our Chat n’ Chew on Saturday and our monthly meeting on Tuesday there was a lot to talk about. Whether you had a chance to join us at either one or not, here’s a quick recap about what happened, and some important announcements at the end— Let’s get to it!

First of all, our Chat n’ Chew Socially Distanced Potluck Picnic (try saying that one fast without a stutter)! It was our first in person meeting since March, and we needed it!. We had 8 people in attendance, ice cream, food, and lots of catching up. We talked about coronaviruses, Michael Jordan, running, Zoom meetings, the upcoming conference and so much more. The weather was perfect, the food delicious, and we got to see some real humans… a total success.
Then, on Tuesday we had our monthly meeting, this time via Zoom.

We had a very cool crowd, with many visitors from other chapters, including people from Atlanta, Buffalo, New York and South Carolina. Say what you want about Zoom meetings, but the fact that they have allowed people from all over the world to join our chapter meetings has been a very cool addition!

We talked about the upcoming conference, the powerful experience of meeting “your tribe,” and so much more. The pandemic has kept all of us from meeting in person, but the feeling of being together in this as a big family hasn’t gone away, and that’s something to be proud of— Thank you all for joining us!

Finally we have a couple announcements:

Upcoming Panel at TWU.  Every year we are invited to come speak in front of students becoming Speech Learning Pathologist at different universities all over DFW. This time, professor Jyutika Mehta is inviting us to talk to her virtual class at TWU, where we will have the opportunity to help educate 98 students all over Texas. If you are interested, no need to register or RSVP, just join us on Tuesday, July 7th, from 4-6:30PM using the link below.Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 521 8135
Password: 3481548Help us shape the future of Speech Pathology!

NSA @ HOME Conference. Next week we would all be meeting in Newport Beach, California for our Annual Conference. Sadly, Covid-19 said no to that… but the NSA doesn’t give up! While it may look different from our typical conference, NSA@Home will deliver much of what you’ve come to expect. This online event will offer connection, support, and education to people who stutter of all ages through interactive Zoom sessions, keynote conversations, roundtable discussions, games, and fun activities.Coming together, even online, can be a life-changing experience for adults, children, families, and friends who share stuttering as a common bond. The power of togetherness can truly change lives.Also, we are committed to making the NSA@Home Conference affordable for everyone. That’s our motivation behind the unique GIVE WHAT YOU CAN registration fee. For some, you might be in a position to make a donation as your registration fee and for that, we thank you. For others, the NSA will offer all the Conference content at no cost — it’s our gift to you.

Please register at