The Duluth Minnesota Chapter of the National Stuttering Association met on Thursday, May 7.   We had 11 people in attendance, including 3 people who stutter, 3 family members/friends of the people who stutter, as well as CSD students. This makes for our all time high in-house attendance (not counting our “virtual” meetings).  This is such a milestone for us, after months of 0-1 people who stutter attending in previous years!

We started with a choral reading of the welcoming words. We watched a “kickstart” preview for an upcoming documentary “When I Stutter.” There was a good discussion afterwards about how to get the public more aware of stuttering, and how our chapter might become involved in using this documentary to “spread the word”.  We then watched three different Ted Talk videos: “The Thing Is I stutter” by Megan Washington, “Stuttering and the Art of Mountain Biking” by Richard Holmes, and “Why You Should Embrace Your Stutter” by Juan Lopez, with discussion following each.  We ended with a choral reading of the closing words.

We will resume our scheduled meetings in September but plan to get together several times this summer for social events.  Watch our Facebook page for announcements.