The February meeting began with an ice-breaker.  Each participant shared their motivation for attending NSA meetings as well as something each is proud of. This allowed everyone to get to know one another and acknowledge that NSA meetings are safe and judgement-free.

The group then moved into a fun activity where each person came up with an infomercial that used a common object as the basis for a cure for stuttering.  Each participant shared their “cure” along with the method of use and price.  It was a fun and light-hearted activity.

For the final activity of the evening, each participant wrote their name on a cup.  The cup was then passed around the room and each participant wrote and added a compliment about the person to the cup.  Once complete, each participant shared their favorite compliments with the group.  And the best part was that everyone had a stack of compliments to take home!  It was a positive way to end the evening.