Our Monthly Recaps

May Monthly Recap

At tonight's meeting we played a game called “Fictionary” where you make up definitions of obscure words in order to fool the other players. It was a fun speaking exercise that allowed us to be creative with our made-up words! Our next activity was a "Team...

April Monthly Recap

In our April meeting, the group participated in an activity called the "Fake Name Game." This was a fun activity to kick off the meeting in which one person started by making up a fake name for themselves. Each consecutive person had to remember the prior person's...

February Monthly Recap

The February meeting began with an ice-breaker.  Each participant shared their motivation for attending NSA meetings as well as something each is proud of. This allowed everyone to get to know one another and acknowledge that NSA meetings are safe and judgement-free....

January Monthly Recap

For our first meeting back after the holidays, we discussed any recent news about what happened over the holidays, as well as any New Year's resolutions people had made. We broke off into small groups and created New Year's Resolutions Mad Libs and then shared our...

December 2017 – Christmas Party!

On December 1, members from the Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo NSA chapters got together at the Holiday Inn restaurant in Kalamazoo. There were 15 people that attended. Food and conversation made for a great evening!