Our Monthly Recaps

November 2017 Recap

At the November meeting we discussed recent news if anyone  had something new to share. Then we had a discussion about what we're thankful for, including family traditions, our favorite holidays, and what we're most/least looking forward to about the holidays....

October 2017 Recap

For the first activity, all attendees decorated a paper plate mask. The outside of the mask represented how we present ourselves to others, and how we think others perceive is in certain situations. The inside of the mask represented how we perceive ourselves on the...

September 2017 Recap

In September's meeting, we played an icebreaker game called "most deprived." Everyone took about a dozen beads, and would start by stating something they had never done before, such as "I've never had a cavity." Everyone who has had a cavity pays you a bead; you pay...

June 2017 Recap

In June's meeting, we wrote each other anonymous questions about the future, and then posed them to the group. We then dived into the past, reading and discussing the story of Demosthenes, an ancient Greek orator who (probably) stuttered. Taking a cue from mythology,...

May 2017 Recap

This past month at our meeting we began with a discussion of Porky Pig as a popular representation of a character who stutters. Then, we created social circles and examined the level of support we experienced in each circle, as well as difficulties communicating...