Welcome to the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Stuttering Association!

We are a self-help support group made up of people who stutter, who help each other help ourselves deal with the problems of stuttering. Together we seek to:

  • Understand, accept, and control our stuttering to the best of our ability;
  • Increase our self-confidence and self-esteem, regardless of fluency;
  • Improve communication skills;
  • Learn to make speech an easier and more enjoyable experience.

We invite you to come to one of our meetings.  Everyone is welcome, including family members, speech-language professionals or students, and anyone with a personal or professional interest in stuttering and in those who stutter.  Attendance is free. If you stutter, you are not alone!

Picnic at Valley Forge Park

2015 Holiday Party

Cast of Alzheimer's: The Musical

Panel of People Who Stutter

With students at La Salle University

Chapter Meeting

Playwright, Todd Cardin, talking to chapter members about the play he is writing for us.

Media Planning Session

Chapter Meeting

Bill, Gary and Mitch.

News and Meeting Recaps

Chapter Meeting – Oct 7, 2016

We were 5 people at this meeting.  One new attendee, a student of Speech Language Pathology at Temple with a lot of interest on stuttering, and the rest of us were regular attendees. We discussed the results of Jim Mancinelli’s research on the effects of... read more

Chapter Meeting – Sep 20, 2016

We were six people at this meeting, which included three students from La Salle’s graduate program in Speech Language Pathology, and a newcomer, besides Mitch and I. We talked about advertising, not only in the context of stuttering but also about other things... read more