Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are held twice a month. Due to Covid-19, all our meetings are virtual via Zoom until further notice. We meet the first Thursday and the third Tuesday of the month from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.  Check our Events page for upcoming chapter meetings, locations and times.  Attendance is free and everyone is welcome.

We open the meeting by reading the Welcoming Words followed by a brief check-in from each attendee that wishes to share. Usually, topics of conversation arise and the meeting just flows into conversation. Sometimes we discuss excerpts from a book, video or other commentary.  Occasionally we have guest speakers and special presentations. Everyone is given an ample opportunity to participate and is encouraged (but not compelled) to do so.

Our meetings offer a warm, supportive environment in which stuttering is fully accepted. We do not require the use of any particular fluency method. Members are free to stutter openly, to use voluntary stuttering, or to practice whatever fluency methods they feel comfortable with.

We frequently discuss our individual concerns and experiences. We may explore ideas about the causes and treatment of stuttering and experiment with various fluency techniques.

The meeting ends with the Closing Words.

Check our Recaps page for meeting minutes with a summary of topics discussed and activities.