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The Past, Present & Future of Stuttering 

We had a really wonderful conference on May 15th. Words won’t do it justice, but you can check out the beautiful photos (courtesy of Vladan) here and the full keynote address by Barry Yeoman here. Barry’s keynote was about his personal story of identity and empowerment, truly stunning and worth the full watch. If you are more of a reader, you can access the text version here. At risk of going on too long about this, Roisin recently recorded a StutterTalk podcastabout the challenging but necessary ground covered throughout the day.

After such a successful day, we’re looking forward to providing more events like this to our community here in NYC. Thank you to any and all who brought their presence and voice to the room on May 15th.

Moving on…our next meeting in Brooklyn is Monday, June 13th from 7:30 – 9pm at Brooklyn YWCA. Hope to see you there!!
BK Chapter Leaders (Chris, David, Emma & Roisin)