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Let’s call this the “better late than never” August meeting recap.  Also, reminder, our next meeting is next Monday, Sept 11, same place same time.

At our unofficial end of summer meeting a couple weeks ago, people beat the heat by attending and hanging with some cool people.  Topics were discussed, laughs were had, and all left with lots to think about.

Our topics ran the gamut from the professional world, to family, to romance, to the more philosophical.  One member talked about attending a family gathering and the pressures that come with that for many of us as stutterers.  While first feeling intimidated, this member discussed how he quickly relaxed, and began to “own his space,” openly stuttering and discussing stuttering with his family members.   He soon found himself feeling more at ease with his family members, and surprised by the amount of interest they took in him and stuttering in general.

Another member discussed how being in a career with a lot of communication has helped him deal with stuttering.  He finds that having to talk – a lot – has actually made it easier.  He’s gotten used to stuttering, and has learned to be more comfortable with it and speak and stutter more openly.

Yet another presented a popular topic around these parts: when dating, to advertise or not to advertise?  The room discussed the pros and cons of each approach, many getting involved, clearly having lots of personal experience to share and draw upon.

Lastly, we discussed the link between stuttering and insecurity.  Do we feel insecurity as a result of stuttering?  Would our insecurity exist without stuttering?  And – the real meat of the discussion – can our efforts in this one area (stuttering) help in other areas of our lives?

And not to be forgotten, a valued member – Marvin – was celebrating a year since his first meeting in Brooklyn.  By way of celebration, his sister – a future SLP in her own right – brought some of her home-cooking.  I ate too many servings and it was spicy, and we were all grateful.  Thank you Marvin, next meeting please bring dessert.  Following the meal, several members went to a nearby watering hole for refreshments.

With that, looking forward to our first meeting in the Fall!  See you next week!

Chris, Emma, and Darren
Brooklyn Chapter Co-Leaders