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The weather outside is frightful, but NSABrooklyn was so insightful…

In the midst of the cold snap, about ten of us gathered together on Monday to talk about all things stuttering. It was a great discussion touching on job interviews, letting ourselves off the hook, and even dreams about stuttering!

One member started us off by sharing that she’s getting ready to go on job interviews. She’s not sure how to bring up stuttering in her interviews — or even if she should. We talked about how to “advertise” (tell people you stutter) in a way that communicates confidence and ease, and discussed how to get over the feeling that we’re “making it all about us” when we bring up our speech. One member says she advertises to help the person she’s talking to, and another person talked about how advertising in job interviews can be a way to find out more about whether a workplace can accommodate you (you’re interviewing them, too!). Someone else talked about how talking about your involvement with the NSA can be a good way to bring up stuttering.

We moved on to talk about how to bring up stuttering to close old friends. When you’ve known someone for a long time, it can feel weird to admit to them that you stutter, especially when you want to communicate how deeply stuttering has impacted your life. Some of us worry that they’ll be confused about why we didn’t bring it up sooner — is it too late? Our hope is that a true friend will understand our histories with stuttering, and our habit of, well, not talking about it. We all feel that these conversations are rewarding to have, but it can take us a while to finally initiate them.

It was so great seeing you all!

Social Outing This Weekend, Saturday, January 13 – Bowling!

One member of our chapter (shout out to Marvin) has graciously planned a stuttering social get together for THIS WEEKEND! Feel free to reach out with questions and stay tuned for details on our Facebook page.

Manhattan Chapter Meeting: Monday, January 15

The Manhattan chapter of the NSA will be meeting on the 3rd Monday of this month on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Please join us to welcome the new year and decompress with all things stuttering!

  • Date – Monday, January 15
  • Time – 7:30-9pm
  • Location & Details – 520 Eighth Ave (between 36th and 37th Streets)
    • A.R.T./New York
    • Third Floor
    • Please arrive a couple minutes earlier with photo ID

Brooklyn Chapter February Meeting: Monday, February 12

NSA Brooklyn‘s next meeting will be on Monday, February 12, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Brooklyn YWCA, 30 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Have a great week!

– Chapter Leaders Emma, Chris, and Darren