Our Monthly Recaps

June Recap

The intense rain and flash flood warnings didn’t keep 16 determined folks from coming to our meeting on Monday night. We had a fair share of wet socks, squeaky sneakers and messy hair, which made for good jokes and lots of laughter. We split into 3 groups for... read more

March Recap | Important Announcements

Pesach Sameach to all of our Jewish members! Recap This email is more of an announcement email than a recap one. But first, we wanted to thank everyone who joined us a couple weeks ago for our Manhattan meeting. We had 33 people in attendance, we split up into 2... read more

February Recap

We met on Monday night for our last meeting at Aspire Center with a mixture of sadness and great appreciation. We spent the first few minutes expressing gratitude to Diane Brown, a true friend and wonderful SLP at Aspire who made it all possible, and then shifted to... read more

January Recap

We had a great meeting first meeting of 2017 last Tuesday night on January 17th. In total, 24 people showed up, with 7 first- timers and 2 SLP’s. After an hour and a half of sharing conversations, concerns, stories, and laughter within our 3 mini groups, we ended the... read more

December Recap

We had a great December Midtown meeting with 25 people in total, including four first-timers! Thanks to everyone who came out! Afterwards, some of us crossed the street and hung out for a bit at the bar, which is always a good time. Members discussed social anxiety... read more

November Recap

Following our successful first meeting of the month, we held our second meeting last Monday night. It was a small but vibrant crowd with 18 people in attendance, including 2 SLP’s and 2 newcomers. We split into two groups for more personalized conversation. Here is... read more