January Recap 

January Recap 

Sitting together and sharing from our hearts kept us warm last Monday night (that, and some heat too!) We connected with each other through genuine listening, authentic sharing and lots of laughter. There were 25 people in attendance, 24 People Who stutter, including 2 newcomers, and 1 Speech Language Pathologist. Here is some of what we discussed:

The Power of The Mind
This topic came up when a member shared how when he anticipated stuttering, his stuttering increased. We spoke about actions we could take to step into our power instead of allowing our thoughts to take charge. One member shared how planning a stuttering awareness day at her college was helping her feel more empowered. Another person shared how focusing on actively listening and being present in conversations helped her stutter less.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride
When talking about the challenges of being a Person Who Stutters, one member compared his stuttering to a roller coaster ride. He described how sometimes his stuttering took him for a spin and wrecked his day when he least expected it. This led to a conversation about the unpredictability of stuttering and ways to manage the twists and turns. Ideas such as voluntary stuttering, advertising, and embracing the possibility of losing control were presented as successful ways to handle such circumstances.

Turning Challenge Into Opportunity
One of our members inspired us when he shared how he effectively handled a customer at work who was rude to him because of his stutter. Instead of taking it personally, he chose to advertise and voluntary stutter. The customer became appreciative, even apologetic, and thanked him for sharing. It was great reminder of how the right attitude and perspective can turn difficult moments into growing opportunities.

It’s All Part of The Process
We spoke about the value and importance of attending support group meetings as a way to become more accepting of our stuttering. Members agreed that feeling understood in a safe place allows us to process our experiences without judgment, and gain perspective on negative beliefs that may have festered for years. Appreciation and gratitude were expressed for our monthly meeting, as well as our budding stuttering community in New York City.

It was a treat to get to spend time with all you. We look forward to seeing you again next month.

Till then,

Chaya | NSA Midtown Chapter Co-leaders