This was our first meeting at La Salle University!  It was also the first meeting for which we have had a sponsor, Giovanni’s Pizzeria, thanks to Mitch’s initiative.  They provided two delicious pizza pies and they have committed to continuing their sponsorship every couple of months.  Please show your appreciation and stop by if you are in the area.

We were a total of eight people, including one newcomer, Mike.  Three of the attendees are current students at La Salle Universtity. The new conference room accommodates around 15 people and it has nice audiovisual features that we plan to use in upcoming meetings.

Having food and drinks at the meeting was also new for most of us since that is something we are not able to do at the Bala Cynwyd Library.

Mitch led the meeting.  We had our regular introductions and check-ins.  Jim McFarlane told us about the app he has designed for the upcoming NSA conference.  The new app will be released to all NSA members very soon and everyone attending the conference will be able to use it to plan the workshops they want to attend, get reminders, see what other friends are attending and provide feedback about each workshop the attend.  Nice job, Jim!

One of the topics of discussion was whether stuttering is a disability.  We agreed that it is not a disability but it can be disabling at times.  The difference is subtle but is important.  Bill mentioned that the American Disabilities Act doesn’t have a list of disabilities but it only provides the definition of what constitutes one, which is something that prevents you from performing one of the basic functions:  eating, moving, communicating, dressing and grooming.

We played a game.  Each of us drew a card with the name a famous person.  We didn’t look at our own card but everybody else did. By asking yes/no questions to the others we had to guess who we were.  It was fun a good way to end the meeting.