Chapter Meeting – August 15, 2017

We had 6 people at this meeting, including one new person.

One of us attended the Goldman Sachs practice interview session in NYC and gave us an overview of the event. About 20 people who stuttered and a similar number of interviewers participated. The interviewers were Goldman Sachs employees that volunteered. Each interviewee talked to two people individually and got feedback afterwards. Later, there was a panel discussion about the experience. Several people had other disabilities or challenges such as being deaf or blind in one eye. They talked about how Goldman Sachs makes it easy for people to being open and they found a lot of support because of that.

This prompted a lot of other topics that made the meeting go by very quickly.

Chapter Meeting – August 3, 2017

We didn’t have a meeting at the beginning of July due to the NSA annual convention. There were no attendees at the second meeting in July, other than the chapter leader. It is not unusual during the summer months to have low attendance.

This meeting, however, was well attended by 6 people. We caught up with summer activities and we talked about an upcoming event at Goldman Sachs. A fellow person who stutters that works at Goldman Sachs has organized one day of practice interviews for people who stutter. It will take place in New York, details will be forthcoming.

One person shared on his struggle to find meaningful work. He is at the end of his career and would like to do work to help others.