Chapter Meeting – Jan 16, 2018

Happy New Year! Our last two regular meetings were cancelled due to the holidays and bad weather. It was nice to see everyone at this meeting and share stories about the holidays. We were 7 people, including one graduate student and two new people who stutter.

We talked about stuttering in the workplace and worrying about being judged and not being taken seriously. There always be judging, whether we stutter or not. It is human nature to judge, the key is not to let it bother us and not changing what we do because of fear of it. Focus on good communication not on how it is delivered. Did you say what you wanted to say? Did people get your message? For us, there always be some level of stuttering but that is not what we should focus on. We shouldn’t avoid saying things just because we are afraid of stuttering. We have to focus on our successes not our failures and go through it.

Stuttering changes throughout life and is different in every situation. It is important to change our attitude towards it. Our goal should not be not to stutter but to be able to communicate, regardless of the shape it takes.

We reminded everyone about our holiday party on January 27th. Contact Carmen if you would like to come