Panel of People Who Stutter – March 26, 2019

Panel of People Who Stutter – March 26, 2019

We were invited to attend the Panel of People Who Stutter at La Salle University. This has become an annual event, as we attended a class of the Graduate program on Fluency Disorders and had an opportunity to talk to the students.

Seven members of our chapter attended. This time we sat in front of the class and answered students’ questions. It was nice to offer multiple views for every question and we show how individual our experiences are.

We felt very welcome and enjoyed the experience. This is a great opportunity to educate future therapists on the challenges of being people who stutter.

Chapter Meeting – March 7, 2019

We were five people at this meeting and this time we welcomed two students from the Fluency Disorders Graduate Program of La Salle University.

We started the meeting with our Welcoming words and introductions. The students have to do an exercise for their class in which they have to pretend that they stutter and observe people’s reactions as well as their own feelings. They shared their experience with us and they were surprised at how difficult it was to carry on with the exercise.

We shared a lot of our experiences. They had a lot of questions for us and wanted to know how to be better therapists and help people that stutter in the future.