Chapter Meeting – September 3, 2015

The meeting at La Salle on August 17 had two attendees, Mitch and Catherine.  They had a nice chat about how they have dealing with stuttering and their goals.

At the September 3rd meeting in Bala Cynwyd we were four people, including two newcomers, Nissar and Beth.  This was also Richard’s second meeting.

Beth is a speech language pathologist and has interest in stuttering.  She would like to participate and learn from our group.

We talked about advertising and how everyone does it in different situations.  For Richard, advertising is about creating a stutter-free environment for himself.  It is about himself and about removing his own fear.  Making the listeners more comfortable is a secondary benefit.

I talked about how I have been advertising more recently and how I use “crutches” to do it.  Usually I use something related to stuttering such as my involvement with the NSA chapter, the play we will be performing soon, or even a movie like “The King’s Speech”.

We talked about movies regarding stuttering.  Nissar mentioned “Rocket Science”, which I had not heard about.  Did anyone see it?  Please send your comments.