After the Welcoming Words we introduced ourselves since we have a new member attend. A few of us shared that we have noticed an increase on our stutter recently. We wondered if the lack of socializing due to the coronavirus lock down restrictions has had an impact. Is it the lack of practice? is it that we are talking more on the phone and less person-to-person?

One of our members has graduated from college and is looking for a job. We talked about interviewing and whether he is planning to advertise his stutter to potential employers. He is very comfortable doing that and he does plan to let them know. We talked about how to advertise in other situations too.

One of our members was teaching a class about stuttering in the graduate program of Salus University. A few of us participated last month on one of his class projects in which his students interviewed us individually to learn more about stuttering. The sessions were short but we were able to provide a lot of information to the students.

A reminder to everyone about the upcoming NSA @Home Conference.

We wished everyone a happy 4th of July holiday!