Chapter Meeting – Nov 5, 2015

We were 6 people at this meeting, including one new person, Elaine, an SLP student.

Richard talked about volunteer stuttering, which he has been doing recently.  He is forcing himself to do it as a way to desensitize himself and feel more comfortable.  Desensitization helps to remove judgement and guilt from similar situations.  It removes the weight we put on ourselves towards people,  situations, or topics and enables us to be more free when we talk about them.

We talked about “Alzheimer’s: The Musical” and how role playing increases fluency for a lot of people who stutter.  It is like putting a mask and feeling its effect immediately.  Once you experience success and you know how it feels, you want to repeat the same experience again.  The trick is to anticipate success instead of failure.

I brought up the new play we are looking to do next year.  Todd Cardin, our playwright, would like to write a new play for us and we are looking for people that would like to participate.  A casting call will be out soon, keep an eye for it.  We also went over plans for the holiday party on December 5th.  Details will be sent on a separate email.